Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Moving On To Better Things

Say goodbye to this blogspot blog, we have decided to move on. Yes, this blog was only created a mere 6 days ago, but we feel that we need to be more independent.

While most have gotten their start on blogspot, or typepad, or some other free blogging area, we have decide that we should grab the domain name we so desired before it was too late. http://www.vgpulse.com is our new domain name.

The choice wasn't a difficult one to make, Wordpress is a blogging software I have installed for many in the past, and I feel it provides the most flexibility and control of any other blogging software I have used in the past.

So, please join us at our new domain


Saturday, January 07, 2006 

It's My Way or The Highway Uwe Boll

BloodRayne reviews have hit the shelves and its time for a reality check. That’s right, yet another movie from the one and only Uwe Boll; videogame-to-movie entrepreneur. Rather then bask in all the bad reviews of the movie I have decided to take the positive slant on this so called “astronomically awful movie”.

If you were to interpret these review one way they would make this sound like one of the worst movies of the year, but you would be wrong. That’s right, there is only one way to interpret these reviews and I’m here to make sure you fully comprehend this in the right way. Just take a look at a few hand picked reviews we have chosen for you to read.

"It's … not … bad ... BloodRayne is just an … sword-and-sorcery … movie with one hot sex scene."

"An … movie you might say … wins …"
- Frank Swietek, ONE GUY'S OPINION

"… Loken is there to provide something to stare at …"
- John Anderson, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"… indisputably the best ... video-game-into-film adaptations …"
- Maitland McDonagh, TV GUIDE'S MOVIE GUIDE

With reviews like that how can you go wrong, Rotten Tomatoes may have given it a 2/10 on their meter, but who cares when you have all these people standing behind the film… there are tons more of positive reviews. All you have to do is interpret them correctly, just focus on the key words like we did above. Just remember when you read these reviews that there is only one way to comprehend them, and that is my way!

Party On Uwe Boll!!

Friday, January 06, 2006 

Dawn of a New Era

"The Revolution will not be televised. On March 24, the foundation of handheld gaming was forever changed with the arrival of the PSP-not only Sony's first piece of portable gaming hardware, but also the first serious assault on Nintendo's dominance. It was be [sic] a three-pronged attack, with games leading the charge."
-Pocket Games, Issue #17 - Page 11

That was Pocket Games response to the PSP launch; in fact it was almost everyone’s reaction to the launch of the PSP. Everyone seems to forget a time when other big companies tried to stand up against Nintendo and lost, The Sega Nomad, and Game Gear tried once to vie for the Portable handheld market, as did SNK with their Wonderswan and Atari with the Lynx.

It is becoming more and more difficult to try to hold onto the belief that the PSP will continue on and lead up to the PSP2. Sony didn't have that strong of a line-up for 2005, and barley made it with one game into the top 10 selling games. Nintendo on the other hand isn't having a problem placing close to 8 games in the top ten each month. It is even harder to stand up for Sony and give them support considering that they don't even have a line-up for 2006. To make matters worse, third party companies are starting to pull support for the system, and putting more financial backing behind the Nintendo DS.

Games like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories failed to hit projected sales, and while there have been some hit games; a lot of them are misses. If Sony were John Edward the misses would be considered hits and everything would be fine. Unfortunately the world doesn't work that way, Sony has to get up off its lazy ass and actually give the PSP the first party support it deserves. Bring us a Harmonics’ game, bring us anything... just support your own damn system Sony.


Taketwo Takes a New Road

Most people probably don't link Take-two and GTA; they most likely associate it with Rockstar which is owned by Take-two. One thing most people do realize is that Rockstar only comes out with a few games a year, games that end up being imitated for years to come.

Rockstar is by no means a huge company like EA, they come out with a few great hits every few years and they keep on going, but now it seems like they may be ramping up product development, now we are to expect a PS2 version of Liberty City Stories, and an all new PSP Grand Theft Auto. We saw The Warriors last year which proved to be a wonderful game, and this year we expect more great things to come such as Bully. It seems like Rockstar just can't do wrong, but taking GTA and turning it into an almost annual franchise may not be the best direction.

Annual sequels are a normal occurrence from games such as Madden, or Tony Hawk who seem to pull it off most of the time; excluding the newest of the Hawk series. We have come to expect a new Tiger Woods PGA Tour each year, along with many other sports line ups, but it seem like this trend may be expanding to even more genres. The hottest plat-former on the PS2 is about to get his 4th game in a row, Jak X. Prince of Persia is also getting its next game already; The Two Thrones, which follows shortly after The Sands of Time.

I know people love these games and I would love to play a new Metal Gear each year, but the fact is that a game that takes some time is generally going to be better then something that can be popped out in a matter of months. Game series like Mortal Kombat have proven that spending 3 months in development is not a good thing.

So here is to hoping that Rockstar/Take-two don't screw up on the GTA series by releasing too many games, and also hoping that this year they have a more open booth at E3.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Game Critics Lag on Their Duty

The magazines over the past few days have been praising Call of Duty 2 for the XBOX 360, saying it is one of the best WWII games to be made. I'm not here to argue that point; it is a wonderful and highly detailed game. The missions are exciting and diverse and lengthy at that. But one aspect that ALL the magazines and websites seem to get wrong is the online feature.

Some go as far as to describe it as "smooth", or that you don't even notice the transition between offline and online play. To be fair to the game, a 4-player room doesn't cause the horrendous lag, but it also doesn’t cause that much action or excitement either. I began to think that maybe these game critics were just playing some 4-player rooms and calling it a day. Then I read some more reviews and quickly saw that that wasn’t the case here.

Gamespot notes that it is unfortunate that the online play is only 8 players compared to the PC version of 32 players, but then they go ahead and say, "the network code is smooth". Gamepro seems to be under the same impression and goes ahead to mentioned the following.

"Multiplayer wise, Call of Duty 2 supports eight-player online play via Xbox Live, standard four-player split-screen, and the option to system link up to 16 players. The general FPS game types, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and CTF, are all included, and it runs wonderfully smooth on Live."

One other aspect that these critics seem to get wrong a lot of the time is how many players the 360 and the PC version of this game are. Electronic Gaming Monthly says the game is playable up to 16 people online for the XBOX 360 version. 1up.com also previously mentioned that the XBOX 360 version was 16 players; they have since noted this error. Various other sites and magazines have mixed up the numbers of 8, 16 and 32 between the PC and XBOX 360 version of this game.

Some of you may think that It is my sucky dial-up connection that is making it so hard for me to play this game online, but I assure you that even a T3 connection can't stand up to this lag filled online experience. Sites like Gaming Nexus and IGN are the only ones that I could find that would acknowledge this issue as something wrong on Infinity Ward's end.

"I played about 50 games yesterday and today and several more over the last week. About 90% of my games suffered from lag. In most cases, it wasn't a little lag either. It was major crunching, uncontrollable, skipping all-over-the-place curse-your-mother-in-horribly-unspeakable-ways lag. I'm not sure I've ever seen that happen before even on a regular Xbox game. In at least 15% of my games I had to manually drop out of them because it was impossible to play, and in another 15% of them I was the last person standing in a capture the flag game because everyone else had dropped out -- because of lag. And you bet I won those cheap games too, despite how lame that sounds. In about three games, the whole thing just crashed. And in uncountable games I experienced multiple disconnection issues. This is me playing from the IGN Offices mostly, where the connection is a giant fat pipe, not my home connection."
-IGN: The Live Chronicles, Chpt. 4

Oddly enough IGN contradicts themselves with the actual review of the game stating "The action continues without a skipping a beat from the single-player campaign straight into the multiplayer levels.”

Now I don't like to accuse people of heinous acts with not a lot of supporting evidence, but it certainly seems like these game critics were being paid off to say nothing but praise in their reviews, which would go to explain why IGN vented in "The Live Chronicles" and not in the review. Then again, it could just be that the attach rate for this game is close to 75% and that it was a shock to the server backbone.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Video Game Movies Suck, Maybe Not This Time.

In the past we have seen many movies butcher video games to make something that is only enjoyable by a child. Resident Evil is a pure example, as is Super Mario Brothers. Both great game series, but horrible movies.

We have seen Uwe Boll destroy video game movies such as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne. There is no doubt that the movies he is still being handed will suck too. It makes some wonder why on earth a company with a wonderful video game series would hand their fate over to a man who has never made a widely accepted video game movie. Be sure to miss his upcoming atrocities, Fear Effect, Postal, Far Cry, Hunter: The Reckoning, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.

There have however been a few good video game movies, Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within was a wonderful film with horrible voice acting, and Mortal Kombat want too bad. Maybe just maybe the upcoming Splinter Cell movie won't suck. Tom Clancy writes intriguing movies that are fun to watch, but most times those are book to film; can it be pulled off with game to film? maybe, but that doesn't seem to be what is going on. Below is a question asked to Raymond Benson, the writer of the Splinter Cell Novels.

#7 According to the IMDb, your name appears newly added to the list of those writing the upcoming Splinter Cell movie from Paramount Pictures. Can you officially confirm or deny that at this time?

That's news to me! As far as I know, the screenplay is totally original and not based on any existing game or my books.
-The Fairer Sects

That seems to be the word around the campfire. Currently the project is being tossed around between Paramount and DreamWorks (which are the same company now). No actor for Tom Clancy has been made official and the director is still in question. As long as Uwe Boll doesn't end up directing this will most likely be an excellent or at least acceptable film.


The Beginning of the End

Dear Faithful Readers,

Welcome to Video Game Pulse. This may only be the start of something great to come, but I invite you to read on and visit each day just in case I actually post something. While there isn't much to read on past this post, there soon will be, It is my intention to infiltrate the gaming industry with my Stealth Tactical Espionage skills honed from the Metal Gear series. I will eventually bring you all the news you could wish for, and hopefully be a part of the Video Game Industry Pulse.

Please stay tuned as we head into a new generation of gaming and with all new consoles to make fun of and review. We are looking at you Call of Duty 2 Online.

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